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Sr. Sarguna - Provincial Superior, Tamil Nadu[Special note: Upon reading my following request, one should certainly understand the magnitude of the service that will be rendered to the need and the cost involved; dear SHCians pls try all your best to contribute atleast 1%-2% of your annual salaPrry towards this great cause. May God bless you. - Sr. Sarguna ]

To Parents, Past Pupils, Well wishers and Philanthropists

Dear Friends,

At the outset I would like to introduce myself since some of you may know me and others may not. I am Sr. Sarguna who is now the Provincial Superior of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa, residing at the Provincial House at Valudareddy, Viluppuram. I have been teaching in Sacred Heart Convent School, Villupuram for about 9 years when Sr. Miriam Therese was the Principal of the School. After her retirement in the year 1998 I took over the school as the Principal for a couple of years and came back again as the Principal from 2006 to 2008 . In 2008 October I was elected as the Provincial Superior and I am now at Valudareddy attending to the work of the Province. Need I tell you that during the years in Sacred Heart, I not only taught the students, but I have also learnt from them and in many ways I feel proud and happy about the years I spent in Sacred Heart.
If I who was there just for a few years have such nostalgia about Sacred Heart, I wonder how much more would be your feelings of love and gratitude for the school that nurtured you for several years. I have often heard past students say that they can never forget their Alma Mater and all the good things they learnt there, and because of which they are doing so well wherever they are and in whatever walk of life they are today.
Having said so much, I have much more to speak about the growth of the School as of today. As you know well, the Sacred Heart Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School is one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions of this district which served not only the local people but also students of many States. It has dedicated itself to the service of education and catered to the needs of students, parents and the society of Viluppuram for 71 long years and it has always provided quality education for thousands of students who have passed out from here.
Having excelled in the field of education, today we sisters feel called to move out and serve the poor and the marginalized and the same tendency is seen nationwide. There is so much poverty around while a few enjoy the wealth of the nation. 35 years ago, the sisters felt the need of starting a ‘Home for the Aged’ as an extension work of the School, giving social awareness to students, teachers and parents. Up to date, the teachers contribute to the running of the 'Home'. From the year 2007, the Government and the local people started helping this 'Home'.
In October 2008 at a Conference of all the sisters of the Province of Tamil Nadu, the sisters felt the need of extending our services to the aged, sick, orphans and the down trodden.
At this meeting we took a major decision to start the following units:
  • A Short Stay Home for the Women in distress( Battered women)
  • A Palliative Care Centre for HIV/AIDS and Cancer patients
  • A school cum Home for children affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Centre for empowerment of Women
  • Community Care center for any one in need
For this purpose a piece of land measuring 10 acres has been purchased at Panampet near to the school. For the infra structure we need the help of the Government as well as Well wishers – you Past students and their parents too. . If we put up the buildings, thousands of the vulnerable people of our society will be cared for. We need to put up the following Constructions:
The following are our requirements:
Sl..No. Building Required Estimate
1 HIV/AIDS Care Centres 10764803.00
2 Orphanage and Short Stay Home 16140680.00
3 Cancer Palliative Care center 8014813.00
4 Staff and Administration 5903533.00
5 Multi purpose hall for meetings, training programmes Trainning centre for women and small scale industry for women and self help groups 24385400.00
At present seven full time workers (CSST Sisters) are running an NGO opposite to the School named 'Krupalaya . There are 10 staff members also working in the NGO.
They take care of:
  • The ‘Home for ‘Senior Citizens’ (Anbu Illam),
  • 400 self help groups, Training programmes for women’s empowerment
  • Two School drop out centers of 50 children each; the children either drop outs from schools or those who have not been to school at all.
  • Conducting HIV/AIDS & T.B. care and support programme
Having said so much, I am sure you have some knowledge of the schemes we are involved in currently. It does not mean that we will neglect our apostolate of Education; on the contrary we are making all efforts to make our children also socially involved and be instrumental in eradicating poverty in our country to some extent within their means. When children are exposed to the social evils, they will in turn be the ones to eradicate such evils. They are to be the torch bearers in our country.
I have given you a clear picture of our need to serve the poor and the marginalized. Of our selves we cannot do much for putting up the needed structures, but our service is always assured. So I appeal to you dear Parents, Past Pupils, Well wishers and Philanthropists, to come forward generously to extend your financial help for the noble cause of extending our service to the needy of our society. Together we can reach out to ease the suffering of Humanity in distress. I will be grateful to you for whatever you are able to spare for this noble cause. God will be your Reward exceeding great.
Your voluntary contribution could be in the form of Cheque/Demand Draft, in the name of ‘Krupalaya Trust’. Your contribution is exempted from Income Tax under section 80G.
The Name of generous donors who will contribute a sum of Rs.50, 000/- and above will be inscribed on a commemorative tablet.
May God bless you for your generosity.
Yours sincerely,
Sr. Sarguna CSST, Provincial Superior, Tamil Nadu.

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