“Be still and know that I am God” (Ps.46/10)
Carmelite Spirituality is focused on Christ. The aim of Carmel is to provide the Church with a manifold service of prayer and apostolic ministry. Prophet Elijah is the source of inspiration for all, as he contemplates the living God and burns with zeal for His glory. As Carmelites, prayer nourishes and enriches all apostolic efforts and apostolic activity leads to and is imbibed with a Spirit of prayer. Carmelite Spirituality is based on contemplation inspired by Prophet Elijah, the Blessed Virgin Mary andthegreat Saints of Carmel, St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross.
If I climb up to mountain you are there, if I go down to the world beneath, you are there”. (Ps.139/8)
Spirituality   Spirituality
“The entire life of the CSST is consecrated to God through Jesus Christ, his Son, in the Holy Spirit. Prayer is the life spring from which she draws strength, perseverance and joy in accomplishment of her task. It is through prayer that her entire life and work are turned into a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God. It should be the effort of every sister from the beginning of her religious life, to strive for an ever deeper union with God in prayer”. (Const.Art.44)

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07 December 2011

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