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Sr. Great Saint
  I wanted to be a Great Saint -- 8th November 1897
 I submitted unconditionally to God's Holy Will, I never wanted to be good through fear nor did I approach the Sacraments to please anyone -- cf.Lr.12th April 1898
  I had ever been a devoted child to the Carmelite Order --cf.Lr.12th April 1898.
 You must try to give practical effect to the prayer you repeat so often in the day. "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done." --cf.Lr.15th Jan.1894.
 Do not neglect mental prayer and other spiritual exercises in our Convents --cf.Lr.14th July 1892.
 Because Meditation prepares us for sacrifice --cf. Lr. 4th April 1898.
  When your heart is crushed, cling to the Holy Tabernacle -- cf.Lr.12th April 1898.
  Our Lord is in the Blessed Sacrament, so why should you fear? --cf. Lr. 18th Dec. 1894
 May we sisters, meet often in spirit at the foot of the Tabernacle and there in union praise our dear Lord and thank Him for His great love for us --cf. Lr. 11th Jan. 1898
 Remember! Obedience should ever be our guiding star--cf. Lr. 9th Jan. 1893
 God our good Father never sends us a Cross without a little consolation at the same time--cf. Lr. 4th Sept. 1893.
 God who gives the burden will also give the strength to bear it if we ask it humbly from His Majesty --cf. Lr. 15th Jan. 1894
 No amount of persecution should turn one away from her heaven- inspired purpose-- cf. Lr. 18th Sept. 1900
Poverty is a good Teacher, dear sisters and it makes us contrive means and ways to help ourselves--cf. Lr. 22nd Oct 1894.
 Our Watchword must be “Forward Sisters Forward!” and you must give the lead --cf. Lr. 17th Feb. 1895.

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