ArputhaMatha Convent, Kilnathur, Tiruvannamalai

ArputhaMatha Convent Kilnathur is an it shoot of Mount St. Joseph Convent ,Tiruvannamalai . Kilnathur was the substation of Ulagamatha parish the parish of Mt. St. Joseph Convent, Tiruvannamalai where a Salesian missionary Fr. FredichCapieghi was the parish priest. He was a great help to the sisters of Mt.St.Joseph Convent .

Sub-station Kilnatur had a Tamil Medium Elementary school run  by the diocese in the year 1980 with the effort of Fr. Capieghi, Sr. Agnita was appointed as the Headmisteress. Sister used to come by  cycle and teach in the school, 4km away from Mt.St. Joseph convent. On Feb 1982 the foundation was laid for the building of an orphanage which was blessed and opened on 21st Oct 1983 this building it, it was handed over to the sisters of Mt.St.Joseph convent. The first Community was formed by June itself. Sr.Agnita, Amelia, and Shanthi were the members of the first community. 30 children both boys and girls wereenrolled in the boarding.

In the 90s the school was raised to High School. A new building was put up in the compound adjacent to the  Church and high School classes are conducted there. The old primary School building  was in a dilapidated condition and so the classes I to V is in the  boarding building and one  of our sister is the H.M. This year school is getting ready to celebrate the diamond jubilee Sr.Malar is the present H.M.

Kilnathur substation was raised as a parish in the year ArputhaMatha Parish. This and Tiruvannamalai Parish belong to Vellore diocese. Fr. PannerSelvam is the present Parsh Priest.

Fr. Capieghi died on 14th Dec 1985 in a car accident. But the work of the Home for children’s still continues. He had made arrangement for the finance and still it is maintained by the money sent by Fr. Mazzeh from Switzerland. At present we have students all girls studying from Std V to X. Here the children are from the parish and substations of Tiruvannamalai. The boarding  has all the facilities.

The present community consists of Sr. Bosco, Superior, Sr.Malar H.M, Sr.Elizabeth in charge of the Dispensary. Sr. Punitha in charge of the boarding.Kilnathurid part of Tiruvannamalai Municipality, but has a village look. Most of the people are poor. Fr. Capiaghi had built houses for them. Many are cobblers or those working in the fields. A few go selling vegetables and fruits Some of them are working out stations in other states like Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh.

The main work of the community is the Elementary school and the boarding. They are also engaged in parish work. Most of the work in the church is done by the sisters, like arranging for Mass, liturgy, teaching catechism, animating various groups like youth Legien of Mary and small Children, Bapic, Christian communities etc.,
A dispensary started in memory of Fr. Capeghi in Sr. Josia was the first sister nurse. After some years due to the dearth of sisters to manage the dispensary, and was closed. Now Sr. Elizabeth a sister nurse has come and the dispensary is opened again. The people of Kilnathur had been on the receiving and always and still they expect the same from the priests and sisters. With all the efforts of the sisters for the past 23 years. The people have improved vary little.
In the boarding the girls are given all round training. to cultivate team spirit they are divided into different groups and competitions are --- GroupWiseand individually too. There are leaders for all the groups each class and a boarding leader and so an. These leaders are changed monthly so that all get a chance for developing their leadership qualities. They have time for prayer, study, work play, recreation and so an. They are also taught card making, flower making etc.,

On 19th February we arranged for barding parents day the children were on the stage participating an various items of the programme. All of them received prizes for the various competitions conducted. Since there were group wise completionall the groups got prized from same item or the other. So each one got a prize. Individual prizes also were given. At the end of the programme a tea party was given to the children and their parents. The parents were very happy as this was a unique experience for them.

The children are given extra coaching in English by the sisters. Though these children are studying in Tamil Medium they are able to under stand English conversation and able to answer some what in wordsthough not in proper sentences. A few are very poor in studies and extra trouble is taken fro their studies.

Kilnathur is a bit cold during the month from October to February. This year the sister in charge was feeling sorry for the children and wished if some one could provide them with sweaters. Sr. Victorine, our superior General compassionate as she is, when she cameto know of the desire of the sister was generous enough to get the sweaters for all the children and send it through a man from Bangalore. Our hearts are over whelmed with gratitude at sisters generosity. The children’s are very happy with it and use it in the mornings and evenings Now that it is getting warmed up by  beaning of March the warm clothes can be kept aside.

We took then for a picnic to Villupuram Since most of them have not travelled by train we decided to take them by train. It took two hours and they enjoyed through at Villupuram there was an exhibition and theygot a chance to do some shopping there and also had a ride in Merry go round and giant – wheel. We were back by night.

This year we have eleven children appearing for examinations from 29th March to 10th April. Other Children have their annual exams from 6th April to 19th April after which they all will go home for holidays.

We had heavy rains this year and so much of our cultication was destroyed. Now it is getting hot again. We had a few showers in march unusually

ArputhaMadtha Convent,

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